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On the TV show, "House" the patient had schizophrenia. The show had her finally admitting to the husband "I'm schizophrenic." NOT - "I have schizophrenia."

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"I wish so much we could stamp out the stigma. But It is so ingrained into our culture and even our vocabulary. "

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I stumbled onto this board while trying to remember where the Families and Mental Illness board went in the revamp.

I just want to say that I am sooo on your page. The stigma against mental illness seems to be the only one that isn't shinking in these days of being PC.

Whenever I notice someone using "schizophrenic", I try to suggest "dichotomous", which is usually more appropriate.

I saw a House episode where schizophrenia was addressed and it was very well done. He made a comment about how treating the symptoms of