Support in Schools

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Support in Schools
Fri, 04-06-2012 - 3:14pm

A British study found that it's beneficial to have mental health support incorporated in their schools:

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Sat, 04-07-2012 - 9:10am

"This report indicates that targeted help in primary schools has helped reduce behavioural problems and should continue," she says. "It also indicates the need to build on the good work already happening across schools and the health services to ensure joined up services and support for mental health needs."

I wonder what the comprehensive work is that they are doing in the schools to have this much impact. I strongly do believe we need more mental health care in our public schools. When my little girl was on a local news show about young children with depression and on antidepressants, the talk the next day was astounding! The teachers took time out to let the kids talk and talk and talk about their own issues, their medications.... they started helping each other. It wasn't just about psychiatric meds - the kids with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, migraines... so many had chronic conditions. So many had psychological pain.

The school did have an absolutely awesome "guidance counselor." I always thought that we do not give them enough credit. We think of them as just some superfluous personnel yet they are vital. My daughter used to seek refuge in her office. The counselor also helped her deal with so many things at school - bullying, for instance. And a rule about detention for kids who missed too much work - the counselor told my daughter if she got detention, she (the counselor) was going to be by her side having it, too, the entire time (my daughter missed so much because she was SICK so much!!!) BTW - the rule was waived for my daughter. I really worry about how much stricter things have gotten in public schools, and think now-a-days, I probably would've had to pull her out of school!

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