Teen's Video About Depression Goes Viral

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Teen's Video About Depression Goes Viral
Tue, 10-08-2013 - 12:58pm

I think this is a story that every parent needs to watch, on the outward he seemed like the boy who was happy, had it all, but he was fighting depression on the inside.  He was afraid to talk about it because of the stigma around mental illness: 

Like many of the 121 million people worldwide who suffer from depression, Breel said he was leading a double life. In high school, while everyone else saw a happy popular kid and star on the basketball court, deep inside there was a boy tortured by intense pain that kept ratcheting up.

“I'd look at the school,” Breel told Geist. “And I would know in my head that, ‘I'm about to walk in there and smile, laugh, high-five people, and put on a total front.’"

If you haven’t been depressed, there’s no way to understand it.

“Real depression isn’t being sad when something in your life goes wrong,” Breel says. “Real depression is being sad when everything in your life is going right.”

Read more: http://www.today.com/health/teens-story-depression-goes-viral-8C11356040

I hope that his message spreads to all teens.  What did you think of his story?