Change in Surgical Prep

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Change in Surgical Prep
Thu, 02-28-2013 - 5:19pm

Will your child be undergoing cleft surgery in the near future?  If so, the following article is something you'll want to read.  Surgeons found that additional steps are necessary to make sure that the patient doesn't accidentally inhale the Betadine that is used to disinfect the mouth and face:

Betadine is the familiar antiseptic, orange or yellow in color, used before many types of medical and surgical procedures. In the case report, Dr. Kepla writes that he has routinely used Betadine for prep before craniofacial surgery for more than 20 years with no complications. 

But in this case, shortly after rinsing the inside of the nose, the surgeons noted Betadine in the patient's breathing tube. She rapidly developed difficulty breathing, with a drop in blood oxygen levels. 

The procedure was stopped and the patient was rushed to the ICU for treatment. Although the child eventually recovered completely, she required seven days of mechanical ventilation. 

Read the full article at:

I'm glad that there weren't any lasting affects for the patient, and that they implementated procedures to make sure it doesn't happen.  Any thoughts on the article?