Dog Helps Kids With Clefts

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Dog Helps Kids With Clefts
Wed, 07-03-2013 - 10:24am

A dog with a cleft lip and palate is raising awareness for children with craniofacial issues such as cleft lip and palate.  While he had surgery to correct his palate, doctors felt that leaving his cleft lip  would allow children to relate to him: 

Lentil, the doctors felt, would be the perfect "ambassodog" for children with craniofacial issues.

"We started to talk about how it may be beneficial to be able to allow some of our veterinary patients who were having some pretty complex craniofacial surgeries and some changes in appearance to be able to meet some children and even adults who are going through some pretty similar procedures and having to deal with some similar problems," Lewis says.

"It's sort of a pet therapy where people can relate a little bit more with those pets that have gone through things that they've gone through as well."

It's that need to relate to others that pediatric plastic surgeons such as Taylor say is important, because kids with with facial differences need to feel as normal as possible.

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Would your child benefit from this type of interaction with an animal who has the same issues as them?