Can't stop worrying!

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Can't stop worrying!
Thu, 04-24-2008 - 8:37am





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Thu, 04-24-2008 - 9:04am
If you are very concerned I would take her to a pediatric neurologist. For us this was the best person to determine how much of what was going on is okay and what every baby should definitely do. The other thing you can do is get her evaluated by early intervention although sometimes there is a wait for that.
If your gut tells you something is not right I would listen. Hopefully you are wrong and everything is okay.
My dd started having seizures at 4 mo so we knew then that something was wrong but I had noticed things before that and was hoping I was just being paranoid. They tell you not to compare your kids but I felt the same way. Kristin smiled but the same way my son had and I felt something was not right with her vision but it wasn't consistent. She also had some awkward movements during tummy time etc.
Anyway, if you really feel something is not right I would push to have it checked out. Its good that she makes eye contact some. I hope it turns out to be nothing. Kari
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Thu, 04-24-2008 - 11:54am

Hi. This is the right board. I'm sorry you're worried. If you feel something isn't right, it's probably something you should investigate. If your ped is saying to wait, you could see another specialist such as a pediatric neurologist or developmental pediatrician, or you could call Early Intervention for an evaluation. Megan was referred to EI at 6 mos old, and we started seeing specialists when she was about 1 yr old. So, I don't know if they will tell you to wait a bit longer or not. But you could try.

good luck.

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Thu, 04-24-2008 - 3:22pm

i think , and this is my opinion. but i think maybe u should seek some counceling! it would probably be