Does any one know about SSI?

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Does any one know about SSI?
Wed, 04-30-2008 - 10:58am

Hi all, I post here occasionally and often lurk.

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Wed, 04-30-2008 - 12:23pm

Hi Brenda,

I don't actually have first-hand info, but in my "other" life, I work in the non-profit world and suggest that you seek out a social worker in a hospital or in a support network to see what they say.

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Wed, 04-30-2008 - 12:34pm

It sounds as if ability wise she would, BUT....

it also depends on what state you live in and if it is income base, as well.

- Christina mom to-

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Wed, 04-30-2008 - 12:38pm

The benefits kinda depend on the state you're in. As far as SSI, Megan qualifies as far as her disability, but we don't meet the income requirements (we make too much). The SSI limits are pretty low. I'm guessing your daughter would probably qualify medically.

Medicaid is another option and easier to get than SSI. We just recently got it for Megan and it pays all of her medical bills - anything our private insurance doesn't pay. It probably would pay for some therapy too, but we're getting it free right now anyway from Scottish Rite. It's also paying for a new speech device for her. There is both an income limit, and they have to qualify medically. The income limit is higher than SSI though, and if you're over that, you can also "spend-down" - pay a monthly fee to get the medicaid card, if your child meets the medical requirements.

There is a Medicaid waiver that gives them the benefits regardless of income, and we are on the waiting list for that in our state. There's not enough budget to cover all the kids on the list. Kids with the greatest needs rise to the top.

Our ped gave us a contact of someone that helps parents of sn kids navigate all this. I would ask all your daughter's dr's and see if they know someone that can help you. Try googling something like "SSI child disability" and your state. Or the national site may give the local SSI office number. I just had to call our local Social Security office and talk to them.

good luck.

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Wed, 04-30-2008 - 1:41pm
I have pretty much the same to say as the others. We have medicaid which is great for the medical side but in our state there is no waiver that covers other things. And SSI is usually income based. We use a social worker from the hospital to help us fugure these things out usually. I would definitely look into it as every state has their own rules. kari
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Wed, 04-30-2008 - 4:07pm

Thanks everyone.

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Thu, 05-01-2008 - 9:31pm
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