Forever 6 Years Old

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Forever 6 Years Old
Wed, 03-27-2013 - 3:31pm

I wanted to pass along this moving blog from Huffington Post, the mom talks about how hard it is to raise a child that will never age developmentally: 

But what if 6 is all there is? All that there ever will be? People accept an 8-year-old who still acts 6. They are just "young for their age." They will tolerate a 10-year-old who still acts 6 if the parent looks exhausted enough. But a 13-year-old who is still acting like a 6-year-old is a serious social problem. I know, because this child is my son.

I like how she was honest about her feelings, that she doesn't always feel sunny and positive about caring for her son.  Can you relate?