Learning Disability Myths

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Learning Disability Myths
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 3:16pm

 I read an interesting article on how most people really have no understanding of learning disabilities: 

Regarding types of learning disabilities, two-thirds of individuals do not know what dysgraphia (difficulty with handwriting), dyscalculia (difficulty with math) and dyspraxia (difficulty with motor skill development) are, whereas 91 percent are familiar with dyslexia.

One-third of respondents said it is appropriate to ask a job candidate if they have a learning disability, when in fact doing so is illegal. Forty-three percent of those polled also incorrectly believe that learning disabilities are correlated with IQ.

You can read the complete article at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/04/national-center-for-learn_n_1855050.html?ir=Parents&ref=topbar

Have you run into this yourself?