New to this board....would love some advice.

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New to this board....would love some advice.
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 4:38pm

Hi everyone,

I didn't know about these boards; a good friend told me about all of you wonderful ladies and suggested I post here.  I hope it's ok that I do :smileyhappy:  I honestly have no idea which board under Special Needs would best suit this post, so please bear with me.

My son (who is almost 3) has always been developmentally behind and has been in Early Intervention for 15 months for Speech (which is by far his biggest delay), PT and OT.  EI has helped him tremendously.  He has always had issues with constipation as well - and digestive isues, which ironically began soon after my milk came in during hs 3rd day of life.  His look immediately changed once my milk came in; it was like he could handle my colostum - but not the milk - and that's when the constipation issues started.  And he still has constipation issues to this day. 

We have been to many specialists and he has had a bunch of procedures and one surgery.  There is still something wrong though - as he looks very pale with dark circles under his eyes, especially after eating.  He also looks quite sickly when he's backed up, which is quite often. He has no known allergies, as he has been tested.

Through my own research, I am beginning to think he has some sort of enzyme issue...and I also know that my son doesn't seem to know when to poop unless his bowel is completely & totally full.

His EI therapists all think these issues contribute to a very weak core - which obviously affects his speech, physical therapy, etc. 

Can anyone offer any insight or thoughts?  I honestly have no idea where to turn from here.  :smileysad:

Thank you very much.

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Sat, 09-29-2012 - 11:28pm

I haven't posted here in ages, but I wanted to let you know you're not alone in having a child with a mystery diagnosis. I would guess an allergist or GI would be good to see, but it sounds like you've already done that.  Has he seen a geneticist, just to cover all of your bases?

Good luck in finding answers/\.