Cheerleader with DS Sidelined for Safety Reasons

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Cheerleader with DS Sidelined for Safety Reasons
Thu, 09-26-2013 - 2:59pm

I hope that they can come to a resolution so this teen can continue to do what she loves: 

A Texas high school has one week to decide whether a cheerleader with Down syndrome can rejoin her squad before the school’s next home game.

Brittany Davila, 16, is an honorary member of Deer Park High School’s cheerleading squad, which means she doesn’t go to competitions or participate in stunts. Now, her mom claims the school won’t let Brittany cheer during games for her own safety.

“She doesn’t understand why they’re telling her she can’t do it,” Buffy Davila told ABC affiliate KTRK. “I don’t know how to explain it to her.”

Brittany has been cheerleading since junior high, KTRK reported. It’s “her favorite thing to do,” according to her mom. Just last week she cheered at her school’s volleyball game.

“Then yesterday we went and it was a different coach, and now she can’t do it because it’s a liability,” Buffy Davila said. “If the volleyball is going to fly off the court and hit somebody, it’s just as likely to hit somebody else as it is to hit her.”

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Do you think the coach is being fair?