Dolls for Children with DS

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Dolls for Children with DS
Fri, 03-15-2013 - 1:19pm

A mom with a daughter who has DS was determined to make a doll that had a better representation of DS characteristics than what are already on the market: 

Her hope is that the dolls will provide companionship to their owners -- friends, as she calls them -- while also teaching skills such as eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and tactile input. "Our clothing is easier to get on [and] has friendlier sized snaps and buttons. ... Kids play naturally, so it's the perfect [toy] to practice essential skills like buttons, snaps, ties and zippers, hair brushing and story telling," Feda explained.

Most importantly, "I want Hannah to see a doll with Down syndrome and see something beautiful, because that's what I see when I look at her," Feda wrote via email.

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