How do you prepare for child with Down's Syndrome?

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How do you prepare for child with Down's Syndrome?
Thu, 03-07-2013 - 8:21am

My cousin is 19 weeks pregnant with her second child and just found out her child has several markers for Downs. Her doctor is fairly certain that the child will be born with it should  the pregnancy continue (complications). They've insisted she get some tests so that the family can prepare. We don't know where to start. How do you prepare for having a child with Downs? What do we need to know? Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Oh, I'm sorry.

While I don't have a Down's kiddo, I do have a special needs kiddo, and I feel that I would have preferred to know ahead of time. I'm a planner. I'm also of the frame of mind that I would have been upset if when he was born if he came out with physical appearances of a disability, thus not allowing me to bond immediately. Knowing, to me, will prepare me for the moment when we meet.

I can tell you that aside from medical issues that may need to be dealt with, there isn't much else to plan for. We have many friends with Down's kiddos, plus there are kiddo's with Down's in my kiddo's classes. I haven't seen too many differences between any of the kiddos. :)

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I'm so sorry that your cousin is experiencing complications during her pregnancy, it sounds like DS isn't the only issue her baby could be facing :(

Although it's the unknown, there are many families out there with DS children that would not change their lives for anything.  Their children are happy and bring so much love into their lives.  I wanted to pass along a great article on how DS brings more joy than regrets:

There is a link at the bottom to the National Down Syndrom Society, which has lots of resources and information on their site.  Many (((HUGS))) being sent to your cousin and your family.