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One Mom's View
Mon, 04-01-2013 - 3:57pm

I wanted to pass along this mom's view of having a child with DS, and how it's changed her perspective on what life is all about: 

So many of my initial fears have been replaced with the glorious reality that having a child with Down syndrome is not the end of the world but rather the beginning of an inspiring experience. These past two years with Nella have blessed us with so many things we, at first, thought we'd have to give up. She sings, dances, and heartily laughs at her big sister's silly faces.  

And the bonus gift? I have changed. I have been enlightened with the power of perspective and learned to recognize that beauty comes in many different forms. 

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If you are just starting out, learning more about DS, I hope that this article gives you the same hope that the author has for her child.