Your School Experiences

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Your School Experiences
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 3:47pm

I saw this story featured on AOL and wanted to share it.  The author talks about her fears when her daughter was born.  This part made me tear up, I think it just personifies how far education has come when it comes to kids with special needs: 

This morning, our whole family walked down our new street to wait for the bus. We stood alongside four other kids from our neighborhood, and when the bus finally arrived, Penny raced to board it, hand in hand with a third-grader who volunteered to be her buddy.

Six years ago, I wanted to run away with my little girl bundled up in her receiving blanket to keep her protected from the world of Individualized Education Plans and reading assessments and behavioral modifications. Today, with gratitude, I watched my little girl run away from me.

How has your child's school experience gone?