6yr old, school & SID anyone else here??

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6yr old, school & SID anyone else here??
Thu, 07-24-2003 - 10:27pm
Just wondering if there was anyone else here who has a school age child with SID. I can't seem to get the help he needs. I had to go and get an OT outside of school last year (he still see's her). Special ed won't do anything to help him and won't even do a 504 plan. The VP says that the teacher's are very willing to work with the parents to help the child. In my experience from last year it was like that for a week or so then she went back to "her" way of doing things. I am very concerned this year, he will be in first grade I want him to be successful, but they make that so difficult for kids like him. He is SO smart and does great one on one, which I can understand there are other kids in the room. But then they seem to punish him when he can't finish his work. I am just so worried. I plan to have a PET before school starts, but that in my opinion doesn't work for crap.

Anyone have any experience or ideas here I really could use them!



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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 4:59pm
Hello,I have a 6 year old going into 1st grade with sensory problems also.She recieves ot once a week at school.Her therapist is great.I had to fight like heck to get her help.Most teachers do not know about SID.I wish I had some ideas to help you.Maybe call the board of eduacation and talk to them.Her docter wrote a prescripe for ot and I toke it to the board of eduacation.Its in her IEP to get it next school year also.I wish you luck on getting help for your child.Take care

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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 11:14am
My ds is going into 2nd grade and has sensory issues also. They really did not come into play until half way through first grade. How I got through first was:

My ds sat in the front of class and did not change seat all year, I communicated frequently with teacher and worked on resolving a problem together, he started to get OT in late March which seemed to help, we started a behavior chart for positive reinforcement, and I kept him very busy. I have also started him on some vitamins over the summer and plan on meeting with his teacher in the beginning of the year. I am nervous. Lots going on but too much to put in one post. If you want to email me off board I am at jandtb@excite.com

Best of Luck and remember, you are your child's best advocate

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Thu, 07-31-2003 - 10:54am
I have an 8 year old daughter, shes going into 3rd grade, the best thing is for you to write a letter asking for your child to be assesed by the Schools O.T....if its affecting his School work, behavior, ect. then hell get it there. If its Medical, Balancing, walking, ect. then he wont, but they figure it all out. My daughter went to O.T. out of school for 4 years and had O.T. in School for 3 years. This is the 1st year she'll be without, well see how it goes. Remember you have to ask in a Letter, If you want a Sample Letter I have in the "Rights and Responsibilities for Special Ed". book, Let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. Good Luck.
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Sun, 08-03-2003 - 11:32pm
I will try the PET first and if I don't get what I want I will follow your idea about going to the board of education. That is awsome that you got an IEP, they wouldn't give my son one because SID is not a recognized disorder by the DSM-IV (psychological manual). The OT through the school recommended 1/2 hour in the classroom but they wouldn't give it to him. It seems like you have to fight tooth and nail to get what you want with these people. I will do what it takes to get him what he needs even if it means making their lives miserable until I get it!! ;-)

Thanks for the idea for the board of education, I will most probably have to do that.


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Sun, 08-03-2003 - 11:51pm
veev62 He did get an eval through the school with an OT and was recommended 30 minutes in the classroom. But special ed won't do anything to help him. He has major issues affecting his school work and behavior. He has visual and auditory prosessing issues that are and have been a BIG issue for him. He does have other issues and pretty much in all areas, so the outside OT is still a good idea, but he really needs it in the classroom. He has gotten better since preschool, but still does not function well in school at all. The Kindergarten teacher said he had adhd and thought he should be on meds...it's like they don't even try to understand these kids. She just kept saying well it is always some excuse or another as to why he can't behave...instead of helping me follow the OT's instructions. I am really hating this school and wonder if they are all as ignorant as this one is.

Thanks for your input and I will post on our efforts in fighting the school system.


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Tue, 08-05-2003 - 6:37pm
My ds is 6 and he will be going into first grade too. He had been getting OT since he was 18mos, but once he got past pre-k, they do not recognize SI as a reason for getting OT through the school. Lucky for us he was put into the kindergarten inclusive class that had extra help and a special ed teacher. Does your ds's school have inclusive classes? Perhaps you could request that class.

I can understand your feelings of nervousness at starting 1st grade. My ds has speech issues as well and still gets ST 3x a week through the school. He cannot modulate his body and mind enough to slow his speech down. I had no idea a kid could talk as fast as he does. : )

Keep pushing for OT. If they say no, ask for an appeal. Ask his current OT to come to the IEP meeting. There are also a lot of places that advocate for families. Try to find out where you can get assistance in proving that your ds needs OT. Check with your counties Social Services Early Intervention Department. They may be able to recommend an agency that will help advocate for you and your ds.

Good luck in your efforts. If you want to "talk" about having a 1st grade child with SI, you can e-mail me at:


Have you read "The Out of Sync Child"? It really has good information for families with school aged children. I did not find it too usefull when my ds was a toddler, but now it really fits him.

Salli & Zak

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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 1:09am
Hello there! My name is Jo and I'm the mom of a wonderful 8 year old son who appears to have SID. I sat here reading your message in tears.. School started here a few weeks ago and up until now Sean has been a great student (though he has always had signs of SID). His teacher this year has been pretty useless when it comes to helping me work with him. She insists on pushing him harder and harder and punishing him daily for his lack of concentration and organization. I've started research on home schooling and I'm seriously considering it. If it weren't for the lack of other kids his age in our neighborhood for him to interact with I would have pulled him from school already. I'm so frustrated with the lack of support I'm ready to scream. I'm so happy to have found this board.. and I look forward to hearing from you soon.. it sure helps to know I'm not going through this alone! My email is angel2112@cfl.rr.com ...please feel free to say hello anytime!

Let me know how things go for you!! -Jo (and Sean, Allie and Michael..in Florida)