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AMC theatres
Mon, 12-01-2008 - 5:03pm

I wanted to post that AMC theaters has teamed up with the Autism Society of America, and are offering "Sensory Friendly" showings of Bolt! The movie will be played with the lights up and the sounds lowered, and families are invited to bring in their own snacks and drinks to accomodate kids with special diets! There will be no trailers or ads before, and the "Silence is Golden" mantra is out the door. Kids are free to make noise and even dance if they want to without fear of offending other patrons.

Ours is showing Bolt this Saturday at 10 am, and CME are going to go give it a try. Movies tend to end badly for us, so I'm really hoping he likes it. I've heard that they're planning to make it a monthy event!

I really hope that CME likes it, and that our local theater makes this a regular event. Check your local AMC theaters for possible listings.

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Tue, 12-02-2008 - 2:34pm
That's a great idea!

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Wed, 12-03-2008 - 5:11pm

thanks for posting this, how do i find out if my theatre has it? is there a special website for this?

we have never taken kaia to a movie b/c of the sounds being too loud for her. i would love to try this.


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