Any Adults with SPD?

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Any Adults with SPD?
Sat, 02-07-2009 - 8:37pm

Hi, I'm new to this board, I'm not sure even if I'm on the right board so please bear with me (as the community description above says its for parents who children with SID). I was wondering if there are any adults on here that are living with SPD (sensory processing disorder)? I was recently diagnosed as of three weeks ago this week. At first, after months of testing since July of last yr. the drs. thought that I had either Meniere's disease or nystagmus but the symptoms so to speak just didn't fit either condition. In fact, it wasn't until I was seeing a PT for balance back in Oct. that the idea of SPD came about and I was referred in Dec to an OT.

After the testing confirmed that for sure its SPD, I felt relieved since a lot of issues that I have made sense but just a LITTLE disheartened because I don't know anyone else IRL who is an adult living with this condition or even diagnosed as an adult. So I thought I'd try here to find out if there's any other adult going through the same thing I am.

For me, I guess its safe to say that I've had this condition my entire life. For example, growing up I couldn't stand and still can't stand anything and I mean ANYTHING that clacked i.e. whistles, bells, buzzers, sirens ticking clocks AND lord jesus especially the dishes, breakfast and dinner were ALWAYS the worst meal to eat growing up for this very reason LOL!! I also used to cry EXCESSIVELY growing up from too much stimulation. In fact, if it wasn't for my 1st grade teacher's loving nature and extreme patience then I would have NEVER made it to the 2nd grade. 3rd grade was an extreme nightmare too, to the point that my excessive crying FRIED my teacher's nerves to the point where she begged me quit crying because as she put it "she couldn't take my hysteria". As extremely embarrassing as it is to say, I guess to put it briefly, I cried EVERY year of school from 1st grade all the way through college. To be honest I still can't believe how I've made it through so many years of school FRIED nerves and all. LOL!!. I guess all these years of being a library dweller has finally paid off LOL!

Then there's also the vestibular, taste and auditory problems that comes with it too. Like I couldn't and still can't take wear any type of hats because it is too suffocating do so, I still can't stand my hair touching me especially on the right side since it is just a bit more hypersensitive than the left. I also cannot stand talking on the phone using my right ear to save my life for the same reason. The left is really bad to but I guess through the years I've just learned to cope using my left side I also can't stand certain foods i.e. oatmeal because its like eating throw up, gravy touching foods, butter touching breads, and the smells of things like potpies, sausage cooking, cough drops, vapor rub and mouth wash because I it makes me gag! Lastly, vestibular wise too much movement i.e. driving a car, riding a bike, walking on dizzy floor patterns, seeing too much of one color or pattern i.e. checkered board, stripes, polka dots and especially green, white and yellow among other colors makes me just want to hurl!

So I guess aside from all this I've just been trying to hang in there all these years. Lastly, before I get a lot more long winded my main questions/concerns are really:

With as much as noise or visually stimulating things in world how do some of you make it 9-5 such as at your job or if some of you are still in school? For me, by 2:00 I feel my day is over due to excessive stimulation and that I NEED to take 2 naps just to make it to 5:00. This was especially a problem when I was in school because I would fall asleep in the middle of doing my homework even though I had a full nights rest. When I was in school, the library helped a lot especially during my full time yrs as I was always ready to tear my hair out or literally jump of a bridge by 1:00 everyday from a full morning/day of stimulation.

Lastly, how do you tolerate other people? Not personality wise or anything but stimulation wise? For instance, I just can't stand working with someone else not because of their personality (unless they are just a mean person) but because its just another noise stimulation if that makes sense? Please don't get me wrong I DO like people its just difficult for me to function and concentrate when someone else is making some type of minor noise. For me, too much people stimulation makes me really snappy so I try to stay by myself when I feel this way which is hard especially if you have a job to perform. My OT has suggested chewing gum so that I can try to focus on the chewing instead. Not sure if this technique works yet since its only been a couple of weeks, here's to hoping it does.

Well, sorry to be long winded. If you made it this far thanks for reading!


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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 8:34am
Hi QD yes many of the parents here have SPD as well. If you look in the next box down you'll see the adult SPD quarks where we actually have learned to kid around about our funny quarks as we call them. I have had SPD as long as I can remember, but was labeled as a strange child. It is difficult to consitrate with people around me as well. Even a clock ticking can be a huge distraction. I have never tried chewing gum, but headphones can help I hear too. My children hum lol. Welcome to the board too. It's slow moving here,


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Wed, 02-11-2009 - 2:08am

Hi Steph, THANKS for the reply and the warm welcome!!