Anyone heard of Sensory Defensive

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Anyone heard of Sensory Defensive
Wed, 12-08-2004 - 3:56pm

We had our fist DT visit today. TJ really likes this guy. He told me that within 5 minutes of meeting TJ he is sensory defensive. We are now doing the brushing therapy every 2 hours and see a little change after the treatment- he is much calmer. I finally got an appointment with the neurologist for Dce. 28. I had to tale Tj and the other kids to my grandfathers funeral last Friday. He has a total meltdown, he was uncosolable, I had to have Dave take the kids home to stay with my15 year old. He is still very clingy. I had ro sneak out twice last week because of grandpa and having to get my layaway out. He woke up both time and screamed until I got home. Has anyone used a battery operated tooth brush? TJ loves it!!! THat mellows him out enopugh to sit down and eat with the family for awhile.


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Wed, 12-08-2004 - 4:49pm

That is too funny, I was going to suggest an electric toothbrush when I first saw your post and then BAM! you said it yourself! lol



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Wed, 12-08-2004 - 11:20pm

Hello! I'm happy that you have an OT for TJ. We also have just started Gabriel in Sensory Therapy. Yes, we use a vibrating toothbrush with ds. Before we used it ds would always bite down on the toothbrush.

We also use a vibrating star - you can get them at grocery stores and walmart. He has a jiggler too. It is a hand held toy in the shape of an elephant that vibrates and his speech path. uses the alligator with him (you can find them in therapy magazines or online). It helps him regroup and settle down. G/L with therapy and keep us updated on your little guy!


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