Book or other info reccomendations????

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Book or other info reccomendations????
Wed, 01-05-2005 - 1:36am

I was just wondering if any of you can reccomend books, magazines, articles, videos...anything that may be able to help me. I tend to want to know EVERYTHING about things my kids deal with (I am compiling the most complete library on Epilepsy, Down Syndrome, and SI that you have ever seen!) However, right now my main concerns is coming up with some solutions, or at least ideas. My older daughter is getting Speech/Behavioral therapy once a week, another ST once a month, and OT once a month, and PT once every two weeks starting again in a few days. However, my younger daughter is not currently getting anything and it will probably take me a month to get her in for an eval.

Here is the 23 month old daughter has issues with loud noises, loud places, big groups of people, too much noise, light, excitement ect. You get the idea. She also has a really big issue with being crowded. We are in the process of buying a house where each child will have seperate play rooms when neccessary...but it may be 6 weeks or more before we move. Biting is an issue with this daughter out of frustration. She also HATES certain types of clothes, along with socks, ect. She is fairly cautious however with her walking, ect. She has just started climbing into the rocking chair and then throwing herself out.

My 12.5 month old daughter is the real issue right now. She has always been VERY daring and clumsy. Running and just falling, hitting her head, ect. Since she was born this has been an issue, when she first started to hold her head up she would just let it drop. She has finally started to catch herself however....but that hasn't made her any less daring! She has learned to climb and now climbs into the rocking chair and then falls out, or climbs up onto the coffee table and then walks right off! She wears a helmet except when she is asleep because of her issues with hitting her head. She is suddenly biting a lot more, and hitting a lot. This is obviously not helpful with the other we had just gotten her to stop biting and now she has started again in retaliation.

When we move we actually plan to have one room that is a "rubber room" literally. We are going to put in rubber flooring, and Intelli Gel on the walls. No furniture to climb or anything. We are going to make it as safe as humanly possible. Until then however I am going completely insane. I am terrified one of them is going to get seriously hurt (and by seriously I mean more than bite wounds that draw blood, or huge bumps on the head, ect. I'm worried about an actual concussion, or serious head injury, or broken bones, neck, ect.

I have tried the vibrating toothbrushes for the oral motor stimulation to possibly help with biting...and plan to start using them 3 times a day and see if that makes a difference. I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for the other issues, as I don't have a lot of information in this area. We don't even see the OT until we'll see what he has to say.

Any other book or video reccomendations would be great, these are the ones I have. Thanks in advance!

Sensory Integration Training Manual for Therapists and Teachers

Sensory Integration and Self Regulation in Infants and Toddlers: Helping Very Young Children Interact With Their Environment

The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids With Sensory Integration Dysfunction

The Out-Of Sync Child and The Videotapes.

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Our local Down syndrome group:

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Wed, 01-05-2005 - 1:07pm

Here are a few websites that should help, let me know if they don't.