Child psychologist visit Monday..

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Child psychologist visit Monday..
Fri, 11-26-2004 - 4:34pm

And I can't freaking WAIT!!!

Any pearls of wisdom that you girls have found to maximize the visit?!!!!!

I'm so happy about going that I'll probably cry like a baby out of relief!............

So, wanna share your secrets to a productive visit?!!.......

(What inspired this visit was Maddy's 1.5 meltdowns each am & her high anxiety levels at school, and not to mention

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Fri, 11-26-2004 - 4:51pm


I'm so happy for you. Hopefully you'll get some answers. No good advice here - let me know if you receive any words of wisdom b/c gabriel's psych. eval. is coming soon. Good luck!


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Sat, 11-27-2004 - 7:28pm

Here is my wisdom, write down questions now.