Disneyland was GREAT!!!!!!

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Disneyland was GREAT!!!!!!
Sat, 12-04-2004 - 2:52pm

So we took both of our SI/mildly autistic sons (and our 15 month old daughter) to Disneyland this last week. It was so great!! I was really worried it might be too much or really crazy, but it was wonderful. The people at Disneyland were so wonderful. We got a guest assistance card for McKay, since he gets stressed by large crowds sometimes. So instead of waiting in the main line, we would wait in the exit for when they could get us on the rides. The kids were in awe of the rides and were so overjoyed. McKay didn't flap very much, which is great. I worried all the sensory overload might cause him to flap a lot. He did kind of fixate of things every so often, to kind of tune out and clam down (like he just kept staring and patting the phone in Minnie Mouse's house), but for the most part he was totally invovled and acting like a normal kid.

The loved It's A Small World and the Peter Pan Flight. Michael loved Star Tours too. But their most favorite was the teacups. I got video of them on it and they love to rewatch it.

We watched 2 parades (the Christmas one, and the Electrical one) and they kids loved those too. We got lots of fun pictures and video and they love to relive the day.

Anyway, if you have sensory kids, it is a great place. The staff at Disneyland works so hard to really help these kids have a great time. They realize that everyone wants to take their kids to the Happiest Place on Earth, even if they have some issues and they really do a great job of trying to level the playing field for these kids.

It was a great experience. (Oh and the beach was great fun too. Didn't get in the water...too cold, but the sand and sun and seagulls were really fun for the kids.)


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Sat, 12-04-2004 - 9:13pm


that is so AWESOME!!



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That's really encouraging to hear!...... You know, I'd love to see a picture of two if you want to share!

We want to take our 3 kids next October, and often wonder how Maddy would cope, but the reality is, she'd probably LOVE the entire experience since she craves sensations so much!.....

I'm really happy for you guys, it really sounded like a fabulous memory!

Colleen~ Mom of Morgan, 10 -- Madison, 6 & Maxwell, 34months!

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Mon, 12-06-2004 - 11:50am


I bet Maddie would love it. My boys crave sensory things (especially spinning, swinging, etc.) and they really loved every ride and new experience. The teacups were by far the favorite. (They also have another spinning ride called Francis' Boogie or something in Disney California Adventure too and the boys liked that too.) All that spinning was just right up their alley (though mom and grandma were a bit dizzy. At least dad liked it too!) Michael (who is 5) liked the kind of "roller coaster"ish rides a lot. He loved Star Tours, which kind of moves all over like a roller coaster, and he loved the drops on Pirates of the Carribean (but all the bones kind of scared him, at first), and he liked the little roller coaster in Toon Town. Plus they have a "bounce house" in Toon Town too. Michael loved that, but there were too many people in it for McKay's taste. Still, if Maddie has a lot of sensory issues, I would get a Guest Assistance Card. Michael has some issues, but we figured that waiting in line with people wouldn't bug him so, we didn't get a card for him, (besides, 6 people can accompany the child with a GAC, so we did have to split up with some of our group. We went with our family and dh's mom and sisters and their families), but we got one for McKay since people do worry him sometimes. That way he could be calm and happy on the rides. He did great and it was so worth it. Plus, it was nice because he wasn't overwhelmed when he went into the rides, so I think he got to experience them a lot more than he would have if he was flapping and screaming and kind of "checked out" because of being overwhelmed.

I do have some pictures, but I don't have the nifty account here at iVillage, so I'll have to get them on the my website and share our Disneyland trip. Really, Disney was so great. I couldn't have imagined or expected anything better. (Oh and they have this great little room for kids at the end of Main Street. It is quiet and you can feed kids and they can watch videos or play with puzzles or toys or whatever quietly for a little while to kind of recharge. It was just a super area. I am so glad they told us about it.)

I can't wait to hear about your experience next year! (Oh and you might want to look into places like your local credit union, etc. and see if they have discount coupons you can use for Disney. We got some here and it is nice to save some money! And Redd Rocket's pizza parlor seemed like the best deal for in-park food. Still pricey, but way less than the usual. $8 for a hot dog and drink? Yikes!)