Do I belong here? Just found this board

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Do I belong here? Just found this board
Fri, 11-19-2004 - 10:35pm
My daughter is almost 10. She goes nuts when she hears someone smacking while eating, especially me. She loses it. She has to eat in a different room. And there is no way I can chew gum, or have a sucker or anything like that around her. She blows up. She also cannot stand it when I shake my foot or rub my feet together. Anyone else going through this? Any suggestions on how to get her out of this? She also went through a time when she could not stand to feel her socks on her feet, like where it is sewn together at the toe. She seems to be over that. She still cannot stand sleeves that touch her arms, like little cap sleeves. She has to wear baggie clothes. HELP!
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Sat, 11-20-2004 - 7:53am

Well, I of course can not diagnose her SID, but I can say that these are definitely sensory issues. There are several ways of dealing with sensory issues and occupational therapy is a big one.



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Sat, 11-20-2004 - 8:17am


I wanna first tell you that I love your quote! Made me giggle first thing this morning!.....

Anyway, those are sensory issues as Rachel had pointed out -- arm yourself with information & Carol Kranowitz is the way to begin!

My daughter, Maddy, has a fit when there are any type of consistent banging, tapping, humming (& I hum all the time)...... quirky things that ordinary kids can shut out, it must really grate on their already clogged up sensory systems! And I must admit, I'm glad to hear so outgrew the sock thing, right now our lives are a living hell each am with socks (well, just getting dressed in general)............

Welcome & stick around!

Colleen~ Mom of Morgan, 10 -- Madison, 6 & Maxwell, 34months!

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