has anyone heard of Parents as Teachers?

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has anyone heard of Parents as Teachers?
Tue, 02-15-2005 - 12:44pm

Tjs psycologist suggested I call parents as teachers to help with TJ and the girls. It is a federally funded program that gives support, and any other kind of help they can. They will help me getting him in school too. It just sounds to good to be true. They give child rearing advice too. They will come to the house like his other therapist. All the info I read sounds too good. Should I try the or not?


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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 12:56pm

oops forgot the information! Sorry!
Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an international early childhood parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten, usually age 5. The program is designed to enhance child development and school achievement through parent education accessible to all families. It is a universal access model.

Recognizing that all families can benefit from support, Parents as Teachers families come in all configurations, from all socio-economic levels, and from rural, urban and suburban communities. The program is adaptable to fit community needs. It is a national model, but a local program. Family participation is voluntary.

The Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc. (PATNC) develops curricula, trains early childhood professionals, and certifies parent educators to work with parents to provide them with parenting support and information on their developing child.

All children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential.

To provide the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Program Goals
Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices
Provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues
Prevent child abuse and neglect
Increase children's school readiness and school success
Core Values
The early years of a child's life are critical for optimal development and provide the foundation for success in school and in life.
Parents are their children's first and most influential teachers.
Established and emerging research should be the foundation of parent education and family support curricula, training, materials and services.
All young children and their families deserve the same opportunities to succeed, regardless of any demographic, geographic or economic considerations.
An understanding and appreciation of the history and traditions of diverse cultures is essential in serving families.
Cultural Competency Policy Statement
Awards and Recognitions
Cited by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a noteworthy prevention program and effective strategy for preventing child maltreatment (2004).
Recipient of the FOCUS St. Louis "What's Right with the Region" award for Creating Quality Educational Opportunities (2004).
Listed as one of the "10 Children Charities That Deserve Your Support" by Parents magazine (2003).
Designated one of America's 100 best charities by Worth magazine (2001).
Recipient of the first "Spirit of Children Award" from the St. Louis Pediatric Society (2000).
Designated as a "model" family strengthening program by Strengthening America's Families Project, in collaboration with the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (1999).
Recipient of the New York Festivals Award for the video component of the Born to Learn™ Curriculum for excellence in international communications media (1998).
Recipient of the A.P.P.L.E. Pie Award for supporting parent involvement in education by Working Mother magazine, the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education and Teachers College, Columbia University (1997).
Presented with the Lela Rowland Award for outstanding achievement and promise in prevention programming by the National Mental Health Association (1995).
Awarded the Ford Foundation and Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government "Innovation in State and Local Government Award" (1987).

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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 3:37pm
I have heard of it.A lady I was talking to at the park this summer was saying something about it.I was going to try it but then all this other stuff came up with Christopher and I never did.She said it was the best thing she ever did.Is there a web site about it or is there a number you call?I would love to look into it again if I could get a hold of someone about it.Could you pass along the info.?I am at the point where I will try just about anything to see if it would help Christopher some how.Let me know if you have the contace info. and If you try it.Tammy
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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 4:46pm

yes, yes, yes!! That sounds wonderful. Maybe I will look into it. I don't think we have anyhthing like that in our area. WE have parents helping parents, but that is a support group. Let me know what upi decide to do. I'm so happy for you!!


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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 5:09pm

Here is the address and toll free number to call:

Parents as Teachers nationaal center, inc
2228 Ball Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146
fax 314.432.8963
toll free: 1.866.PAT4YOU (1.866.728.4968)
web site www.patnc.org

I hope this helps. I will let you know how it goes.


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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 8:58pm

Kathy I have heard of this and I think you should absolutely call, what have you got to lose?



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Tue, 02-15-2005 - 9:50pm
I called tonight and while they couldnt really help me out too much she was able to get me some names of people and whooooooooo a name of a support group in the next town.So I am very happy I called.She was a very nice person who went out of her way to help me tonight after a very long day that I had.Good Luck and I hope they can help you.Tammy