Has anyone taken their toddle to a

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Has anyone taken their toddle to a
Wed, 02-23-2005 - 8:49am

an eye Doc.befor?Christopher has been saying that his eyes hurt alot/So I made a app. for the eye Doc. that works with small childern.Also we think that may be why he is always bumming into things when he walks.If he turns his head very little when he is walking he will bump into something.My dh has very bad eyes and as a kid he didnt know that he couldnt see.He got glass at about 6 years old and rembers thinking wow this is what stuff looks like I can see I can see.He also told his mom that his eyes hurt.

i guess Ijust wanted some ideas on what they will do at the app. Christopher can not read or he does not know his ABC so I am not sure how they will check him out.He cant tell you if things are clear or not so I was hopping to find out how they can tell if there is a promblem or not?Thanks Tammy

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Wed, 02-23-2005 - 10:47am
My son goes once a year, they are looking for tumors on the iris. They use pictures and such to check their vision. They also check for the shape of the eye etc. My son doesn't need glasses at this time, but he bumps into everything and falls a lot. It is a sensory issue for him.
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Wed, 02-23-2005 - 11:16am


there are several mom's here who have, and who have children who wear glasses, I know that Dawn just went, I think Colleen's little one has them and I am pretty sure Kim's does too.



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Thu, 02-24-2005 - 12:50am

My 3 yr old son just got glasses and my 21 month old son is having his vision checked later this month. The hardest part of the exam will be when they put the drops in his eyes to dilate them. You have to foricibly hold him down (unless he cooperates with that kind of thing), most children object to eye-drops. Trick is to do it FAST, and make sure the stuff actually gets in or you'll have to do it again - that is the worst. Once the eyes are dilated they can measure the eye and tell if glasses are needed, even on a completely non-verbal infant. If the child speaks, they will use objects (birthday cake, horse, etc) and may use the letter E if he understands to tell them which way the legs are pointing.

One other tip, is call the big scary chair, a 'King chair,' they like that. If the doc specializes in children, they will know exactly the right things to do.

Good for you for taking him in.