Has a doctor ever denied SPD's existance

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Has a doctor ever denied SPD's existance
Mon, 05-12-2008 - 9:38am

I was so excited on Monday.

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I'm really sorry for your experience. It must be very frustrating....probably an understatement!

I don't live in America, so the process is a little different over here....but when I went to our doctor last August to ask for a referral for dd to be assessed for sid, he looked up a checklist and asked a few question and then gave me a lecture on parenting and children and differences in their personality ect...I'm still waiting for a referral from him. I still do not understand why he would not just refer my child for assessment.

It is my understanding that some/many of the behaviours of ADHD and sid overlap and are similar and that sid and adhd can co-exist.

Sid is assessed by an occupational therapist not a psychologist. A psychologist is

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Wow, what torture! You're paying her, it is her job to listen, regardless of what you had to say, she still needed to listen.

I have 1 OT my DS can see under our insurance. I believe at one time she was pretty good, she seems very knowledgeable, but I think her personal life was getting chaotic & it spilled into her professional life or something. Not really sure, but she was wasting our time & therefore our money. So I pulled DS out.

I've been thinking along the lines of play therapy. My understanding behind play therapy is to not use drugs, it's more like talk-therapy, but through play.

I understand this would completely different from OT, as an OT would know specific exercises to work with a child, but I believe a lot of my DS' ends up being anxiety base. Play therapy does work specifically with anxieties too.

I'm sort of at a wait an see type of place right now. I've been in contact with his teacher & she is supposed to tell me, now that his up to par with his peers, if she sees him declining. If this happens I'll start trying new stuff, like trying to get the school OT involved or finding a play therapist.

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Here's Wikipedia's definition:

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I had the same experance and left to find a diffrent doc :( I'm so sorry that happened to u.



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damn dr's....why can't they listen...is it really that hard?

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Yikes, sorry u went through that!! SPD can seem pretty far out there , to some docs who arent so up to date on these things! We saw one dr. once who had never even heard of it before!

Ive been through soemthing similar although the psych we saw , agree'd she had spd, but tried to down play her anxiety and called it low fustration tolerance haha. oh ok so shes a brat ;) whatever, a week later a team of docs, diagnoses her with severe anxiety disorder.

all of them are different, i say let her waste time by making xerox copies all day long, find yourself a new doc!