having another psychological eval.

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having another psychological eval.
Tue, 11-23-2004 - 8:21pm

We've decided to have another psychological eval. done - this time through the intermediate unit(he goes to the IU preschool). We went last March to Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital. They ruled out autism and could just tell us that he is Moderately Dev. Del. Not to mention he had gotten an ear infection the day before and the day after the psych.eval he had a fever. I know he wasn't having one of his best days at the eval.

It is so hard not having a diagnosis (besides dev. delays and sensory issues) and having to wait and see how he progresses (which he definitely is), but I want a second opinion. Maybe they misses something.

What do you girls think? Do you have any advice for us at his eval. I asked for them to observe him at school as well. He definitley has attention issues and his a busy bee (never stops moving lol). Sometimes I feel he has adhd, but he is still so young. Rachel - now that Olivia has been diag. with pdd I wonder if they missed it with him. All his therapists and teachers say no, but I want a second opinion. Anyway, we are in the beginning of setting up his psych. eval. we all know how long this can take.

I will update you all. Again, please share any advice you have.



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Wed, 11-24-2004 - 3:34pm

Good Luck doll! I'll be curious as to how this turns out for you -- you know, Madison can often present with ADHD, or Auditory Processing issues as well - the only thing that I would suggest is to document, document, document!

I've learned alot about Maddy

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