Hello, I am new here - Mommy to DS 4 1/2

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Hello, I am new here - Mommy to DS 4 1/2
Thu, 08-21-2003 - 11:33am
I apologize in adnvance for the length of this. I am a frustrated, exhausted parent of a soon to be 5 yr old boy. He is my second and youngest child. I believe he has SID.

He is often labeled as grumpy, moody, angry. But can also be as sweet as can be. He absolutely HATES shoes and coats. He is going to a new school this year ( 5 mornings a week preK) and it has been a horrible 4 days learning to wear shoes other than sandals. He feels my frustration and I feel terrible. After another horrible morning of dropping him off at school (model student though, perfectly behaved at school) I can home and put "son hates shoes" in an internet browser and this SID came up. I read and read and it is him to a "T". He has struggled with friendships. Especially those with other boys. He seems to get along with girls better. Maybe because he has an older sister and they are very very close. He is hypersensitive to sound and light . Will not go to the movies. Does not like darkness or anyting loud. He is sensitive to weather. Anxious about possibility of storms (we're in Texas and storms here a lot).

I don't know where to start with this. We are in between insurances right now but from what have read on here it might not even be worth waiting until our insurance is started again as they may not take it anyway. Do I just make an appt. with an OT? What other therapies should I try? I have made a list: brush, OT, joint compression?, music therapy.

Should I talk to his shchool about making an exception that he be allowed to wear his beloved sandals? In the past with time he gets used to shoes. He wore duck golashes for a year. He wears sandals even in the winter and hates coats!

I am glad to find this board. I have been involved in several boards on here for the past 7 years. This is a first here :)

Thanks for reading,

michelle jenkins


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Sat, 08-23-2003 - 6:41am
Hi Michelle,

Welcome to our board...

Frustration is a big part of dealing with the issues that come up with my DS, so don't worry about that...

There are several steps you can take to get an evaluation done to get a diagnosis...The first route I would take is talking to the school and asking them for an evaluation. this may not be easy as you say he is a model student, but keep pushing. Or you can go to see a private occupational Therapist(this will cost between $100 to $300 dollars for the eval), or you can check to see if there is a scottish rites facility in your area and put your son on the waiting list...

With my son we have problems switching from summer to winter clothes, but I just compromise and we eventually get him into long sleeves and his winter gear(hat, coat, mittens)...

Try a sensory diet with your son, this may help more than you realize...LOL

Let him run, jump, slide, swing,pushing and pulling heavy things(helping to bring in the groceries, push around a laundry basket with some can goods in it, etc) and even have a "safe place" for him(I made a make shift tent in my son's room and when he is over stimulated he goes in there and hides for a while until he feels calmer...

As for brushing and joint compressions I would not do those until your son is seen by an OT, some children respond negatively to the brushing protocol...

I hope some of this has helped and feel free to ask questions, or vent as the need arrives...LOL


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