Help.. They bring Lacee to the

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Help.. They bring Lacee to the
Mon, 11-08-2004 - 6:14pm
preschool room for her Therpy,They have no class on Mondays but they always have a little boy and his aid in and out of the classroom.. They both are very loud and I don't think the aid seems to understand that this is Lacee's time to get her one on one...I'm not sure what is wrong with the little Boy but a few times he's made me nervous around Lacee because he almost threw a tape recorder at her. Lacee gets 30 minutes of OT then 30 minutes of Speech and then both the speech and ot work together with her for another 30 minutes.. I would say the last 45 minutes the ST starts to say Lacee can't do anymore but I know she can its just she is so busy looking at this boy and aid and telling me they are looking at her(she can't stand people to look at her).I feel like Lacee is loosing out on her therpy because of these two..

I have a feeling the Speech teacher is pretty annoyed with the aid too but do you think its ok for me to point this out to the OT and ST and maybe they can figure something out.. I just don't think they should be in the way when Lacee is getting her therpy.

I mean they can't expect that Lacee is going to want to do her stuff when this aid is turning on music and talking really loud when lacee is trying to do her flash cards with the ST and stuff.. Its driving me crazy but maybe I really should say something to them..

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Mon, 11-08-2004 - 9:40pm
If I where you I would say something. If your dd is supposed to be one on one with her ot then I would say something.Yes it is hard to concentrate with someone playing a loud radio this kiddo yelling. I would ask her why is he in and out so often when she is trying to work with your dd? I would be very upset by this. So yes I would say something. Good Luck.


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Tue, 11-09-2004 - 6:56am

Oh yuck!

What an awful situation...

consider this the first of many times that you'll advocate for Lacee!!! I'd take it up with the speech therapist & air out your concerns with her. I bet you're right & she feels the same way too! I would bet that she would handle the scenerio for you since it's better to let the professional be the bad guy!!! (Well, in some instances it is)..........

Good luck & let us know how it goes!

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Tue, 11-09-2004 - 3:58pm