Here's our update-"Good".. & "say what"?

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Here's our update-"Good".. & "say what"?
Fri, 02-29-2008 - 8:12pm

Ok, so here's the GOOD....

We're still doing OT 2x/week and FINALLY have some things to try at home.

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When Simon first started school his teachers complained/reported very different behavior than he has at home.

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I think stress levels effect all of this too. Earlier this year my DS started to show major concerns in his SID (this is when I finally sought out treatment). He could smell food from another floor & would run, crying trying to hide from the smell, begging me to eat fast. He would scream and cry if we had anything that did not have a comfortable aroma to him at the table (even if his plate was only his favorites). We would use insence candles & air fresheners & it was not enough.

Then, things started to get better, true, by now he's with an OT & a speech therapist. Things seem to have gotten better at school & he loves it again. As soon as he seems to be more comfortable with school his table behavior is no longer an issue.

But what I find curious, he was never this bad until he was treated differently at school b/c his motor skills seemed behind (was actually motor planning) so he was slow with his kindergarten activities. Therefore I think stress can play a part in this.

I know my DS' tearcher evaluation described things I would not have guessed either.

Perhaps b/c he is out of his comfortable environment, while at school, all of his SID stuff is increased?

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