I really need some advice.

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I really need some advice.
Sat, 06-28-2003 - 10:16pm
We just started therapy, actually still on the waiting list for ot but doing speech and pt. Ill be asking pt about this but would love to have input from btdt parents. First of all my son supposedly has a low center of gravity and needs to feel the ground a lot which is why he walks on his knees. He also throws himself down on the floor a lot.

A month ago he was not walking and now he is climbing on everything. We just moved and our current kitchen table id a card table with folding chairs. I had to fold the chairs and put them up because I cant count how mant times in the past week Ive pulled kiddo out of folding chair sandwich.

So should I buy the kid a little tykes gym thingy and tell him to climb away or should I discourage his climbing so he dosent get hurt? I know of course that I cant protect him from everything but I also worry cause this kid is way undersinsitive to temperature ...he could have a third degree burn before he realized oh gee this is really hot I should pull my hand away. I sometimes wonder how much pain he actually feels. I leave pillows out around the house and encourage him to crash on those because he throws himself down hard.

Sigh its so nice to find parents out there whose children also do strange things like bang their head against the wall for fun.

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Sun, 06-29-2003 - 7:14pm
Well at least mine will only climb on things that are sturdy. If it wobbles in any way he is right back off of it. Yes what you said makes sense :). I am going to try to let him climb as much as possible and bot freak out that he might get hurt. Its hard though, When my daughter was 2 she fell down a flight of stairs outside our apartment and now Im Very uneasy about the kiddos and any sort of danger.


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Sun, 06-29-2003 - 7:55am
Welcome to the sensory Integration Board...

My son is a risk taker ans will climb everything...I learn from him to just let him climb to his hearts content...I even moved th couch away from the wall so he could climb on that and then throw himself down on the other side...I also have a mattress on the floor and he jumps on that...In my opinion I let Patrick do the things he needs and try to give him the safety part of it...

I hope this makes sence and maybe helps...


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