IEP Re-evaluation

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IEP Re-evaluation
Mon, 01-10-2005 - 11:58am

I'm new to this site. I've been trying to get some information for my son's IEP meeting we are going to this Friday. Let me try and give you a synopsis of our last year.

My son Justin started preschool with his twin brother in September of 2003. His teacher recommended he be evaluated the first day of school, and we started the process as we too had suspected something, but couldn't put our finger on it. After after 4.5 months of testing/screening/doctor visits, he was put on an IEP for SID, gross motor and anxiety issues. He was given OT for 1/2 hour a week and he went to the public preschool, just the classes for special needs children. The next four months were amazing as my child transformed into a happy preschooler. I was concerned about the summer break from the program and my fears intensified when I learned we were moving to another state the end of summer. Justin's end of year report stated that he was still having a lot of trouble with adapting and transitioning.

Our move took place, and he started school in the integrated preschool. Everything went amazingly well. The teachers kept mentioning that he was doing great, and started to make me feel like they were questioning him being on an IEP. After a month, he had an incident and I had to give him trading cards everyday for the next month as a reward to go to school. I have only talked to the OT therapist one time regarding him (to go back a bit, in the new school he doesn't get OT for 1/2 hour a week because the therapist is split between 5 school districts. She stops in once in awhile, watches the kids, then gives the teachers ideas on what to do with them. I don't know what exactly he does besides fine motor skills in the class and gross motor on the playground.)

At his conference in November, the head of the preschool told me she was finding it very difficult to continue him on this program. That she would have to really dig to find something. He is doing very well socially, with fine motor skills and learning. Is it possible that he can be doing well while in a structured, routine driven enviroment and then turn the tables when he's home?

I'm worried because my husband and I have noticed him startin to regress at home over the last couple of months. We agree he has improved overall, but our feeling is that it's due to him being in this program and maturing over the last year. I'm wondering if the decline we are seeing is due to the lack of OT. I'm very worried that if they take him out off his IEP, we will be heading for trouble in kindergarten with a whole new type of pressure and anxiety. I don't want my child to be on an IEP if he doesn't need it, but even more, I don't want him to be without it if he does need it.

So, is there any advice I can get on what we should be ready for Friday? Has anyone gone through the 1 year review and what do I need to have to fight for continued success for my child?

I look forward to any replies....

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Mon, 01-10-2005 - 8:32pm

Ok, I know I'm replying to my own message, but I just read the thread (IEP..say what), and it actually gave me a lot of ideas. Since we just moved to our town, we don't have a support group of friends. I'm glad I found this websites to tap into. Even without/before responses, I think I have a plan of action. I will take his original IEP and have it to compare with what they transfered to the new states forms. I want to make a list of his previous behaviors and compare how he is now to last year. Find out what we feel he still needs to work on.

After reading some of the other stories, I realize how far he has come. He had major tantrums up until the beginning of this school year, to the point we thought he would hurt himself. Also, his anxiety causing day wetting has calmed down. He now plays with other children, and is almost to the point that he can ask to join in. I still wonder about auditory processing, but I was told we couldn't really test for that until he is older.

I still don't know when is the right time for him to come off his IEP? When he has accomplished most of the goals 80% of the time or all of them? What happens if he's taken off and starts regressing? It took so long to get him the help he needed in the first place, 8 months doesn't seem like a long enough time frame.

I'm sure many of my questions will be answered at our Friday meeting. I just have to show up prepared and informed.

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Mon, 01-10-2005 - 8:41pm

You're funny!

I've only had first-hand experience with 504 plans, but what I would suggest is that you visit our IEP board for a wealth of information!!!!! Some of us are in the process of IEP meetings right now, however, & I'm sure you guys could surely lean on one another!

From what I've gathered about IEP's a child *must* be reviewed every 3 years to examine their progress & determine the direction to go in!

Good luck & keep us posted!!!!

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Mon, 01-10-2005 - 8:57pm
Colleen...Thank you sooooo much! I found the IEP board and will be up until midnight reviewing it!
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Mon, 01-10-2005 - 9:49pm

Hey I am going through this right now!!!



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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 9:24am

Thank you for the websites. I will do some researching after the boys are all off to school. My husband and I were reviewing last years IEP and I pulled out my copy of "The out of sync child", that was really helpful. I found right away that it is possible for him to pull it together in school, and then when he is safe at home, he's able to relax and let it all out. I think what I'm most worried about, is that this didn't start here (Ia), and his teachers can only see last year on paper. I'm have the sense that they feel it was overly cautious to put him on in the first place...because he has done well the first few months here in school.

I'm also intimidated by the principal, who's the LEA for the school, and I don't want to be Friday. I have to remember it's about Justin, not her. There are two K-2 schools in town, one houses the preschool. Where you live, east or west side, determines where you go. Due to Justin's IEP, we automatically went to the current school. In April we will live on the west side, so we may be told to go the other school, good school, but more transition for Justin. That would be 3 preschools and a new kindergarten. I will request that we stay, but then they would have to accomidate my other 5yr old for kindergarten and our 7yr old, who is in 1st grade there now, would remain. If the LEA denies us to stay, we have to fight it, and I don't want to use the vinegar! Especially with the possibility of 3 more years there. But, they have a motor skills room there, that is for all grades, so they could take Justin in there for breaks, if he needs it. Plus, he'd be familiar with the school, teachers and they could refer back to the preschool staff if they needed. I think we have grounds to stay...unless they pull him off his IEP.......I will let you know.

Thank you for the information though. It does give me a lift knowing others have been though this, lived and are willing to share.