Intro and a what do you think this is ?

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Intro and a what do you think this is ?
Mon, 10-06-2008 - 8:17pm
So I have a bright 8 yr old boy that has ADHD severe combo type,tested for learning problems with a no on those but something was still not right so found a Dr. that deals with dysgraphia (handwriting processing problems, and he heads the local children's neuro dept so not a quack) so he sent us to OT and we got my son evaluated and he also has Irlen syndrome (certain color wavelengths bother him problems with visual processing and we are starting some Audio training this week to see what sounds might help. OT said he has got some SPD things going on and will get to those as his sessions and the OT gets to know him and he certainly fits a lot of the SPD things but this kids has to hum or sing some sort of song 80% of the day and it drives me bonkers most of the time. A few years ago it was Thomas the train then justice league now for the past 2 years its been star wars and I can hum it to you now! Do that fit into any SPD or SI area cause I have yet to figure that one out. Have friends that have SI so I knew a little about it.