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I am new to this board so I wanted to introduce myself, and my child, and see if any of you have been down the road we are travelling and to find out what path you recommend we take next.

DS is 7. At 4 ½ he was dismissed from his daycare for behavioral issues. It was the same day he was diagnosed with “severe” ADHD/Impulsive. In kindergarten many things occurred which led his teacher to try to communicate with us that she thought he may have Asperger’s. Of course since she cannot directly say it – we didn’t pick up on the cues until late in the year. He had bad behavioral outbursts and was socially deficient – so then included him in a social skills group and began the school paperwork process on getting him “classified”.

We met with a Pediatric Neurologist who immediately told us that he did not have Asperger’s –but that he had: ADHD, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder and OCD/Anxiety. Said there was no reason to see him on a regular basis – but he’d be happy to see us if things changed.

For first grade his campus was changed. The new campus had all of the documentation from the previous year but didn’t immediately begin the official testing as they wanted the behavior specialist to work with him and document her own observations. Early in 2010 his behavior problems spiked again – leaving a frazzled mother, father and teacher. We again saw the neurologist, who again insisted he does not have Asperger’s and agreed with the treatment we are receiving from the counselor, psychiatrist and behavioral intervention the school is providing. So, near the end of first grade he was officially classified as having Sensory Integration Dysfunction, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety and placed in the special education program based on his behavioral needs and is being provided a daily routine to include OT at the school.

Second grade started off very well, but unfortunately, due to a series of mishaps, we found out that in the past three weeks he has had two strokes. Since then he was hospitalized for 3 days while they tested to see what caused them. Aside from seeing his scans you wouldn’t know to look at him that there was anything wrong (the child is not physically deficient in any way). The neurologist has taken him off of the ADHD meds for two weeks to allow the brain to heal and then suggested a non-stimulant instead when we restart.

Also, during this time-frame he has had some serious behavioral regressions. I am sore today from the physical “battle” of yesterday.

We met with the psychiatrist on Tuesday, who increased his dosage of mood-stabilizer and has written a prescription for us to start Intuniv next Friday (at the recommendation of the Neuro we saw for the strokes – not the same Neuro we saw for possible Asperger’s). We met with his counselor yesterday who was giving me information on Bi-Polar Disorder in children. However, she wasn’t willing to rule out the possibility that though we aren’t seeing physical ramifications of the strokes that there may be actual damage causing the lapse/regression in his behavior. While witnessing the meltdown she also indicated that she felt like we may be dealing with Asperger’s but in a very, very highly functioning capacity as he is very sociable, empathetic, etc.

So, where do we go from here – what other people should we be seeing and/or what other courses of action should we be trying?

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Wow, your story sounds very familiar to our own. My son has had major regressions in behavior and sensory processing. We just did a 24 hour EEG to rule out seizures as his behavior has changed so much. What prompted the dr to do a brain scan? I'm very curious as we have not done one. Hugs. I wish I had better answers for you. My son is 5.8 years old by the way. Reading your story was eerie. I hope the extra supports your son is getting helps him.
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