knowing boundries

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knowing boundries
Mon, 02-18-2008 - 9:32am

just wondered how many of u all can allow your spd kiddos to sit on high places like your bed ? i long for the day that i can let rylee watch cartoons on my bed while i fold laundry or whatever. but she doesnt seems to grasp the concept of falling off.....

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Mon, 02-18-2008 - 9:43am
Leanna's is six and still doesn't get the concept.



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Mon, 02-18-2008 - 1:41pm
gabe doesn't get it either...and you know what...sometimes they just have to fall!!! :-)

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Thu, 02-21-2008 - 1:18am

I tried never to worry about the small falls, i figured bumps and brusies heal. My kiddo has really great balance, hardly ever falls now.

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