Meet with the Parents as Teachers rep

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Meet with the Parents as Teachers rep
Thu, 02-24-2005 - 9:43am

I called on Friday and was told there was a waiting list for my area. No big deal we have goten pretty good at waiting. Yesterday they called with a Parent Educator for us. She is a wonderful source of information. She said she can go with us when Tj goes to preschool to set up his IEP. She also gave me a list of "special needs Children and Families resource guide, Most of them are local info but this looks to be a good one to share. NICHCY and the phone number is 1-800-695-0285. They do have a web site but I cannot get it to copy paste for some There is also National Parent Information The pat program has play group sessions once a month and it sounds like fun. I hope this helps someone.


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Thu, 02-24-2005 - 5:06pm


Thanks for sharring the information, I am sure it will help someone!