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Mon, 01-10-2005 - 4:20pm

Thanks for the answers. I always question if I am doing something right. TJ is brushing for defensiveness. His ot, pyschologist,and dt agree its pretty severe. He was doing really well until Saturday. he was off all weekend and for the omst part today too. He loves the exercise ball. The only way I can get him to sleep (the little that he did this weekend) was to put a heavy floor pillow in his bed or hold him with the pillow. He also crave the pillow while on the ball. We have made him some bean bags to fidgit with and one long enough(in dad's tube sock) to lay on him while he is on the ball. He use to sleep 2 hours for a nap but now I am lucky if he gets an hour. He is waking up every morning between 1:30 and 3 screaming. He never woke up screaming until this started. Once he is up he takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to get him back to sleep. I am exhausted and he is very very clingy, his ot says he thinks he may be in a transitional phase but I dont know. He wines constantly. He seems to talking less than Monday of last week. He points and basically says that or grunts when he wasnt something. Is any of this behavior sound familiar? He loves his ot and dt and we are changing his spech therapist( he has screamed the entire session for 5 weeks now and I feel like we are losong ground. Am I jsut paranoid or is something wrong here?

Thanks for all the information. It is nice to have someone to "talk" to. He did see the neurologist the last week in Dec. and her statement was she is leaning toward autsim but he is uncooperative( duh)and to make an appointment in six months but have ahearing test eeg and fragile x blood test about a month before we come back. Well the therapsit went nuts and we are seeing a different neurologist March 2, this guy is supposed to be very aggessive and we will start ruling somethings out.

Thanks again. It is just nice getting all this out.


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Kathy, I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. I want to think more before I post back to you. I should be able to tomorrow afternoon. I did want to tell you that it is common to have regression when you first start brushing. I only did intense (every 2 hours) brushing with one or 2 handfuls of kids I worked with. But the first one I did was this 7 year old boy with Autism. We were told to do a 48 hour follow up call. When I called his mom she told me he started wetting the bed that weekend. It quickly ended and we saw GREAT results from the brushing. I think sometimes the brushing is a total overload to the system and their bodies need to make sense of it. I hope that makes sense for TJ since I said I am so tired right now. Also, make sure you review the brushing with the OT. I had parents brush me to make sure they were doing it right. And have him brush TJ and him watch you brush TJ. You might have done this already, but even if you have make sure you do a review. I'll be back tomorrow. I am a big advocate for the brushing for SD and I really want you to have a good result. HTH