Monthly Brag - Sept

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Monthly Brag - Sept
Sat, 09-04-2010 - 8:18pm

It is a new month. I want to hear about all the great things your little one is achieving. They work really hard, so let's sing their praise. Tell us...

1) Little One's Nickname and age
2) What types of sensory issues are you working on
3) Your brag this month

Oh - and although this is a sensory board, our little ones typically work on so many more things than just sensory, so brag away...


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Sun, 09-05-2010 - 9:46am

1. I have Gabe...and Zane...both are in therapy...Zane has some minor sensory issues...but not worthy of OT....Gabe's sensory issues are severe at the moment

2. Gabe used to be considered a sensory seeker...but since July he has become quite the avoider. He has developed severe refusal of food...and is not being mostly fed with tube feeds. He still will eat yogurt during the day...but not enough to give him the calories he needs....and he will drink juice and hasn't completely turned on food and drink.

3. Progress....we're still heading downhill at the moment...BUT I did have a wonderful meeting with the school and Gabe is now going to get a lot more services and a 1:1 parapro (assistant) I'm going to brag about that for him.

Zane....he is in speech therapy...and while he does have a delay...we have heard some new words the last month! YAY!!!! And I don't think he has autism...which is something I have been worried about for awhile....but he is showing great joint attention!

Hope you are all enjoying those last days of summer. We are having great weather this weekend....thank you Earl :)

Jessie mommy to Gabe(5 years ASD/CAS/SID)and baby Zane (1 year old)

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Jessie mommy to Gabe(5 years ASD/CAS/SID)and baby Zane (1 year old)

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