My 18 mo old eats hair!

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My 18 mo old eats hair!
Mon, 04-21-2008 - 2:21pm
I know babies put things in their mouths and they chew on things, but my 18 month old constantly eats hair.
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Tue, 04-29-2008 - 12:10pm
My son, at that age , would eat lint , he'd pick it off blankets and pop it into his mouth. ewwwww! he also had several stuffed animals that he would grip the hair in his teeth on the top of the heads and pull it out and eat it. This resulted in several bald (only on the head) animals.


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Mon, 04-28-2008 - 4:02pm

I am not sure but my 7 year old DD without SID LOVED hair when she was little.