My 5 year old need advice help anything

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My 5 year old need advice help anything
Tue, 06-24-2008 - 12:44pm

Hi ladies my name is Angela this is my first time here tho i browse through the november 05 and june 03 boards on occasion..

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Tue, 06-24-2008 - 1:53pm


It might help you to get help from an OT for sensory needs. I would also recommend a full Multi-disciplinary evaluation from a Children's Hospital or a University or the like. With Kindergartedn starting soon the more information you have the better. Get on the phone now...these appointments can a take a while, however they are worth it.

Also, contact your local school district for an evaluation. I know it is summer, but you can get the ball rolling. If your insurance covers it, start with a private OT. I am sure your SLP will be able to recommend one.

Until then, there are two books for you to read: Sensational Kids (about Sensory Integration) and The Explosive Child. They will give you some ideas to help and answer some questions about WHY this may be happening. (I know, read a book, I don't have time. I swear I almost pulled an "All Nighter" reading these because it was the only time I could and because I felt like I was finding some answers, the day after the read-a-thons were always tough!)

As far as the "sharing," and other issues. Your son may feel the need for some control. (A hard thing for us moms to give up, sometimes) Have him split up something that is going to be shared. Give him choices and try to follow through. (Choices can be simple: Which park, which seat in the car, do you want to open the garage door or me, which color cup, plan a dinner menu if the day is a "good" one) You may have to lower your expecations of "good" to help him feel successful.

There is another great board on Ivillage for "Spirited/High Needs kids." You'll see many familiar names to hear.

Good luck, make some of those calls and let us know how it goes!