My day with Carol Kranowitz!

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My day with Carol Kranowitz!
Wed, 11-03-2004 - 1:10pm


What a day! Carol is delightful & I was lucky enough to have about 15 min' of her exclusive time since they had a 'meet the speaker' moments. Yippee! (You can bet that I held my pee so I could be first in line!!)...

Carol did roughly three hours of overview of the Young Out of Sync Child at Home & School. She shared with us a myriad of games, songs & activites that kids with SPD could benefit from -- with Metronome techniques to Music led games (with CD recommendations that have 'slower' beats for our kids with slower processing issues)

If any of you want the names of these CD's & games that go with the songs, please feel free to ask!

A couple of things we played were the Paper Plate Dance, to "Rondo" with Mozart Effect 1 -- which worked on Following, leading, Auditory & visual skills

Metronome Code -- which led to 'beat' awareness, fine-motor & gross-motor skills & reading.

Wow! Sooo many more ideas to share -- I have this list that I'm going to scan, Rachel if you'd like this e-mailed I'd be more than happy!

Carol was very engaging & enjoyable, but I have to be honest, I LOVED the OT that did the 2nd half of the day from Toronto!

Paula Aquilla...

She actually broke it down & showed us how a child processes every piece of information, and where things for our kids can 'go wrong'..

I personally learned that my Madison often gets stuck in the limbic part of her system, and has a 'fright' response therefore shuts down.

I learned that because of the current research led by Lucy Miller, the DX of SPD will up & coming be in the DSM-5 at some point! (When? Not fast enough for my 1st grader)

I have a 'tick-off' style checklist for Maddy's teacher to mark everyday to communicate with her on a regular basis.

There was an answer/question period which was interesting to see..

one very big & popular ?? seemed to be, 'how can I differentiate where SPD ends, and my child's behavior begins?".. Paula recommended a book, "The Explosive Child" when you have a very inflexible child who tend to need predictability & she said that it has techniques that can be very useful for

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Wed, 11-03-2004 - 1:19pm

Oh Colleen I am been waiting for you to post!!!



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Wed, 11-03-2004 - 5:06pm

I would love for you to share all that you can. I'm so happy for you - it sounds like it was a very informative seminar. That is so great that your ds OT went with you. I would love a copy of the check list you received.

Thanks for sharing and I hope to hear more about it.


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Wed, 11-03-2004 - 10:04pm
Isn't she great? I went to one of her workshops in Naples FL about two weeks ago. SHe is wonderful!!!!!!!! I even got her to sign a copy of her book "THE OUT OF SYNC CHILD" . I am glad that you went and, I know that it had to make you feel good to even meet other people dealing with the same issues. I know it truly helped me make sense of Maya. THere were a lot of things she said that made me think "OH that's why she does that". SHe is so patient and, understanding. I liked her a lot and, I am glad you did too.