Need ideas for night wetting...

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Need ideas for night wetting...
Wed, 03-05-2008 - 9:39am

DS is 5 and so badly want to be dry at night! Any ideas on how to help him train? We've done the obvious like no drinks after dinner, go to the bathroom last thing, provide an incentive, not get upset if he wakes up wet (which is way easier to do if he is staying in his own bed!).

We tried underwear under a pull-up, but that didn't help. I don't think waking him is the solution because getting him back to sleep (or getting him awake) could be a serious challenge.

I realize it takes some longer and I am ok with that, it is just that HE wants it so bad! If he wakes up wet he is not upset and he just says "Bummer...I will try tonight." He even says if he stays at a hotel he will wear a pull-up! THe last 4 nights he has chosen not to wear a pull-up, so I've had lots of laundry to do.

Would love to get some ideas!

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Wed, 03-05-2008 - 10:14am

This hasn't been a problem for my DS, but I have a niece who wet until she was 7. Some kid's bodies just develop later than others. Have you checked with DS's doctor? It's great that he, and you!, have a good attitude about this.

What about the bed alarms? I know you said getting him to back to sleep could be a challenge, but if he can't hold it during the night yet, he's going to have to get up to go.

Sorry I don't have much to offer. Just wanted you to know you have support!


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Fri, 03-07-2008 - 2:08am

I have a foster brother who at 10 still has trouble and i know another man who told me was dang near an adult before he quit wetting in his sleep. I know these ages arent that encouraging but you might be able to encourage your child that theyre not alone. ~love my red

P.S. all three of my boys were early day trainers, and didnt quite waering "night time underwear", pull-ups, until age five.

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Fri, 03-07-2008 - 8:28am

My sister had the same problem with my niece and she did get one of the bed wetting alarms and amazingly it worked in only about a month or so. Last year when my dd was 4 she was still wetting at night and I was sick of pull-ups so I borrowed the alarm from my sister and it worked great, it only took her about 3 weeks.

The alarm was one where you clip a wire to their underwear and it runs up to a little box thing that you pin on their shirt, when they start to wet the alarm goes off and wakes them up which makes them stop wetting. I think it was a Malem Bedwetting Alarm. Good luck!