Need recommendations on "stuff"

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Need recommendations on "stuff"
Tue, 12-07-2004 - 2:17pm

My ds is 5, has a huge amount of behavioral problems at school and has an ADHD diagnosis at the absolute least. He has chronic motor tics and I would not be surprised in the least if he eventually develops Tourette Syndrome + ADHD.

He has some issues kids with SID have. He chews holes in his clothes, gnaws pencils down to the lead, is hyper and shows little regard to physical boundaries/personal space. He is extrememly anxious, which fuels these behaviors and makes his motor tics worse. His light and sound sensitivities have gotten a lot better to the point where he is in the normal range as far as reacting to bright sunlight or noise like the vacuum cleaner. He gets overstimulated extremely easily.

His principal has given him a squeeze ball to have in school. I have talked to his teacher and am going to order a lap pad. I just heard about a chew necklace that sounds like something we might find useful.

What is available? Can you recommend any good sites that list SID products/therapeutic tools? Or sell them, or both? I am sure there are things I don't even know exist that I will want to try when I read about them (like that chew necklace).



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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 4:53pm
A good site is, it's written by a mom. There's a page with a ton of links about everything related to SID and therapy. That mom also has some lists on Amazon of toys to help SID kids, it's geared toward preschoolers but you might find some helpful items:,,
I searched Google for everything I could think of to find somewhere to buy a chew necklace, and I couldn't find anything. But I read on several sites that they're made out of rubber surgical tubing, and I found a website where you can buy that, they have it in a multitude of colors:
I hope this helps! I think the other ladies will have more suggestions for you.
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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 9:03pm

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