New to board- Brushing ?

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New to board- Brushing ?
Mon, 11-08-2004 - 11:45pm

I have an eighteen-month-old son Adam who has sensory integration issues. He has low muscle tone and has had p.t. and feeding therapy since he was eleven months old. He has made a lot of progress on both fronts and is now walking independently and is finally feeding himself with his hands. He originally wouldn't eat many solids and was gagging and vomiting on them, but now eats pretty well as long as it is cut up into small pieces. He still has issues biting down on things and has no clue what to do with something like a pretzel.

He has speech delays as well and says maybe five words at this time. The following are at least some of his sensory issues: he has occasional headbanging when frustrated or tired or annoyed; he flaps his arms occasionally when excited; he claps excessively almost like it is a self-stim; he occasionally toewalks; today he actually started spinning himself around a few times which concerns me; he doesn't have the greatest eye contact; doesn't always respond to his name; doesn't follow simple directions the majority of the time; carries something most of the time such as a block, etc. and has a major tantrum when it is taken away.

I'm concerned that he either suffers from straight sensory integration problem or he could be on the spectrum. I am actually having him evaluated next week by a psychologist through EI to see if he is on the spectrum at our neurologist's recommendation. Adam's developmental pediatrician doesn't think he is because he is too interactive. He doesn't seem to believe in PDD-NOS diagnosis.

Today we started with a new OT who seemed very good who knows a lot about sensory issues. She started us on a brushing protocol which I am supposed to do every hour and a half to two hours. I did it maybe two times after she left and Adam was acting slightly strange afterwards. He wouldn't take his afternoon nap and seemed especially energized. He wouldn't sit still for a second. Maybe it takes time to initially adjust to the brushing? Anyone have good experiences as a result of the brushing?

Thanks for any input in advance.


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Tue, 11-09-2004 - 6:53am

Wow Debbie!

Welcome & kudos for being so in tune with your son Adam!

I have heard that brushing may not always be the best protocol with a child if it has the opposite effect -- now, I do bow to the professionals so I would surely report the reactions that Adam is having afterwards.... the brushing is only one of many techniques that Adam could receive.. does she do joint compressions? Alternate arm hugs? Therapy ball pounces?.....

I hope this helps!........

Colleen~ Mom of Morgan, 10 -- Madison, 6 & Maxwell, 34months!

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Tue, 11-09-2004 - 3:54pm