New Here and need input

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New Here and need input
Wed, 11-10-2004 - 12:59am
My 4.5yo is dx with anxiety disorder, disruptive behavioral disorder and expressive/receptive language disorder. He has some sensory issues. I guess not enough to be dx with SID but some. His main thing is the need for deep sensation. Also auditory. If too many things are going on, to noisey, too many different mosies, etc he will get really aggressive and wild. He used to do the self-stim thing with noises and hand flapping--but he has grown out of those. I have noticed that he puts things to his mouth alot. Money, little things. Especially at speech therapy--she is the one who mentioned to me. At home--he chews on pillows, kisses things, puts things to his lips. At school--I mentioned it today and they have never noticed it at all.

Is this an anxiety thing? Boredom? Or should I get him eval'd with OT again? He was in OT at 3yo before we knew what was going on. He did great there. The extent of his symptoms are controlled by his "mood" of the day. He just is never stable. (I feel he is bipolar).

What do you guys think?


Holly and Jacob

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Wed, 11-10-2004 - 7:47am

Hey Holly, first of all WELCOME!