New w/ questions about SID

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New w/ questions about SID
Wed, 02-27-2008 - 9:49pm
Hello! I was at the doctors today with my 4 year old son for his check up. I was discussing with the doctor the amount of tantrums he has been having (wild screening at the top of his lungs 8-10 times a day). I had baby #3 8 months ago and my husband has been traveling A lot for work, so I thought that may be it. As we were discussing it I was re dressing him from his exam and when I put on his sock (quarter length) he immediately pushed them downand said you know the way I like them mommy.
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Wed, 02-27-2008 - 11:04pm
He's definatly the average age for dx'ing it.


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Wed, 02-25-2009 - 5:36am


I have just joined this forum. I am an American Mom living in the UK. My four year old daughter does exactly the same thing as your son!

Every morning is a huge drama, with tantrums that truly top the scale. Socks are a terrible sticking point. One thing I have found that works is to turn the socks inside out so that the seams are on the outside. Also "footies" don't come above the ankle, so you might consider buying those. In the UK these are called sports socks.

My daughter will not wear jeans. She resists almost all pants, and skirts are not a possibility because she would never wear tights, and the weather is cold here for most of the year. I have found that if I buy the clothes too big she resists less. Sometimes it looks funny, but I've had to get over my own notions that she should look a certain way. Sometimes I struggle with myself because I know that other Moms are looking at the way she is dressed and wondering why I would put her in such baggy clothes with inside out socks etc, but I feel like I need to support her needs and be patient with her discomforts even though it hard (and I don't always manage it!) My daughter always pulls hers pants up past her knees when they are on. She insists on leaving them unbuttoned and unzipped until we walk out the door, at which point I insist. Some things have to be non-negotiable.

One of the books that may have been recommended to you is The Out of Sync Child. It's an excellent book. Like you, I've found that my daughter does not tick a lot of the boxes. Dressing is our main sticking point. Also, she doesn't like having her hair washed or her nails cut, though these seem to be getting better, while the tactile defensiveness surrounding the dressing seems to be persisting, even worsening.

I have recently spoken to our GP about these issues. She was very skeptical about SID, but has referred me to a child development center where my daughter will soon be assessed. I am hoping to be able to do some work with an occupational therapist.

Anyhow, I can keep you posted on what I learn if that helps. In the meantime, please know that you are not alone! It's frustrating and demoralizing, I know, but try your hardest to be patient. It's a nuerological dysfunction, so they can't help behaving this way.

Wishing you all the best!

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Wed, 02-25-2009 - 4:48pm

Hi Milliesmum,

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