Self harm???

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Self harm???
Wed, 12-09-2009 - 12:49pm
Hey ladies,
I hope you can help me out here. I am noticing a new behavioral trend with my now 3 year old son. He is going through a normal toddler control phase (he wants things done HIS way), but what I am not sure about is what he does if he does not get his way. He gets really upset and has started to try to pull his fingers out of his hand. The self harm is what I am questioning. Is that a normal toddler behavior or is that something I need to address. Normally, when he needs an outlet for frustration or anger, whatever it is he needs to do (ex: hit something, throw something, etc) then I find a safe way for him to do that (ex: bop bag, ball pit, etc). I'm not sure which direction to take on this one. So any ideas would be helpful.
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Wed, 12-09-2009 - 9:02pm

Sounds like he could be frustrated. A lot of times 3 year olds go through this. Everyone says terrible two's...but I disagree...I think 3 was way worse.

Try to ignore the behavior of pulling his fingers. It's going to take a lot of force for him to dislocate his finger from his hand. Also, does your son have any speech issues? Sometimes kids with speech issues find it hard to explain their needs and will resort to self injury.

I think it can be normal for kids to do what your son is doing...but I think keeping an eye on it is a good idea too.

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