Sensory "Avoidance" ?

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Sensory "Avoidance" ?
Thu, 07-17-2008 - 1:40am

I have heard of Sensory Seeker (my 8 yr old) but not Sensory Avoidance (which our doc has determined thru tests (12))

Can you tell me a little about this?


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Thu, 07-17-2008 - 4:01pm

My son is a diagnosed sensory avoider and the therapist said he was one of the worst she had seen and might have some OCD, too.

He can not stand the feel of certain things (anything slick, foamy, sticky, or like sand). He can not stand noises - either loud, repetitive, or unusual. He can not stand strong smells and signs "skunk" whenever he gets near perfume, cleaners, strong cooking odors (thankfully most people don't know the sign for skunk!). He will not eat anything hot, cold, creamy, or mushy - he primarily lives on raw veggies and meat (the meat must be like roast or stew meat - not hamburger). he has "gravitational insecurity" and will not sit down, he holds onto something if walking on an uneven surface, and would not jump, bounce or anything like that. He does not like bright lights or rapidly changing things like tv, video games, etc.

The good news, I think, is that he has responded very well to therapy and has come a long way! I am also often greatful that he is avoidant rather than seeking - we have an older one who was never diagnosed but I am positive was seeking and the avoidance is so much easier for me to handle. There are certain things I never leave home without - wax swimming ear plugs, dark sunglasses, water bottle (he will smell it when the scents get too much for him in addition to drinking it) and some heavy bean bags (he sets them on his legs and he does not feel like he is falling or he will drape one on each shoulder - they look like stuffed lizards- and it "centers" him when shopping or in crowds), a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a couple of fidget toys. I carry a