sensory avoiding and owee owee owee!?

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sensory avoiding and owee owee owee!?
Sat, 08-08-2009 - 1:06pm

My daughter will be 3 in the fall.

When we go out, it takes her a long time to warm up. She usually just stands there. She's not really like this at home, just anytime we go out or if someone comes over. She won't even say a word.

And everything hurts! Washing her hair, OWEE! Combing her hair, OWEE!! Washing her face, OWEE!!! Brushing her teeth, OWEE!!!!

She hasn't been dx'd with anything. She does have low muscle tone (mild hypotonia), has been seizure free for over a year, and has expressive speech difficulties.

Any of your sensory kids like this? Or are they sensory SEEKING like my son was at that age (and sometimes still lol)?

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Sun, 08-09-2009 - 11:37pm

Wow, thanks for the reply! Good to know we're not the only ones out there with these issues!

As far as a social journal, I think that's a great idea. BUT she's always shy. Everywhere we go. Even when she wants to go out to play with someone, she grabs her shoes and is ready to go! But she gets out there and doesn't really do anything. But we have noticed she hates it when people touch her too much. We noticed this with her new PT. She would be great at speech, then bawl her eyes out or shut down completely with her PT- she would touch her A LOT. No wonder!

It would be hard to remove her completely from the settings... she doesn't cry or anything, just doesn't do anything and looks down. Hmm.. good idea though. I might have to do that with PT when she cries, or get another new one...

With my little girl, if I use a rough towel on her face before washing her hair, she would bawl more. She cries when I wipe food off of around her mouth... that would have been a great idea with my son though!!! (he still thinks things hurt and he's 8, he's getting better though) :) I have tries to put her head back a little so the water doesn't get on her face, but she just bawls... I have tried forward too. But once the water is coming, that's it.
Detangler is a wonderful idea, except her hair is pretty much tangle free. It's nice, soft and smooth. People even ask how I get her hair so beautifully straight and soft! But all I do is comb it a little... Sometimes combing is successful! I have her watch herself in the mirror, or give her something to play with or a movie, and do it as nicely as humanly possible.

She wants brushing teeth to be quick and light, but I need to do it harder or else she'll go through more pain with cavities. I could break it up into sections! Might work!

With heavy work to calm her, that also would be a wonderful idea, except she's overly calm, lol. Her physical therapy is working on (among other things) ways to help her be not calm! lol My son would have needed to get calm that's for sure.

We do have the sensory brush now, her PT gave it to us. She likes it so far. I'm not sure I notice anything different though...

Have you used a brush and joint compressions?

Is JB extra/overly calm? Or just n social situations?

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Tue, 08-11-2009 - 10:12pm

Hello. My son is a sensory seeker for the most part. But in public situations and people encounters he can shut down and just loose it. We also have a safe place for Gabe. I have an extra large stroller canopy on his stroller. He can pull down over his head and "hide" from the situation. We also allow jumping and stemming to help him calm down. Gabe has autism spectrum disorder. And social situations are hard enough....the sensory issues just make it all the harder.

We also did some brushing and joint compression. It didn't make too much of a difference. He did however love when we "steam rolled" him with his therapy ball...or the pill ball.

I think what the previous poster is talking about is like social stories. We use social stories with Gabe all the time. If I know we are going to do something stressful that day...I start in the morning going over what we are going to do, what I expect from Gabe, and what may happen. I use pictures, sounds, and words to help him understand.

He had to go school shopping with his sister on sat. Starting at breakfast time I was going over the whole day with him. He had it memorized from beginning to we rehearsed it and practiced it before we went to the store. He still had a hard time....but I had some other sensory "toys" with us.

Play around with idea's. You will find what works for your dd. Good luck...

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