Sensory defensiveness.... confused?

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Sensory defensiveness.... confused?
Sat, 02-26-2005 - 8:33am

Just found this board and wanted to ask what you thought.... I understand every child is different but I am confused about SID (SPD)...

My son started seeing an OT and spec ed teacher back on Oct.... troubles adapting to new situations, transitions, tantrums, delayed speech, not responsive to

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Sat, 02-26-2005 - 9:45am

Hi My name is Kathy. I was told that my son TJ was told by our ot in December that he was sensory defensive. We started brushing and joint compressions every 2 hours. He has a speech and developmental thereapist too. Between brushing and therapy he is less defensive and I see a major improvment since starting. I was told that once we work thru the defensiveness we can work on the other issues. He has good days and really bad days too. He has really started trying to talk more. Every once in awhile he actually says something you can understand. He still gets frustrated because he cannot tell us what he wants. We still havent seen a neurologist-we see on March 9th. I hope this helps some. It is confussing.


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Sun, 02-27-2005 - 7:52pm


First of all WELCOME!!!